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Latest News - What Are the Advantages of Electric Sliding Gates?

What Are the Advantages of Electric Sliding Gates?

Electric sliding gates make life easier by automating opening and closing, a simple feature that most people will happily pay a premium for.

There are plenty more advantages of electric sliding gates, which we’ll explore in this article to help you decide whether to invest in some.

  1. Increased security

Electric sliding gates increase security in a few ways. Firstly, they close and lock automatically, eliminating the possibility of leaving your gates open and unlocked. Secondly, they sit on reinforced hinges that resist lots of force.

  1. Safety built-in

Our electric sliding gates have rubber safety edges or intelligent drive units that make the gate react to obstacles. The motorised system is hidden with no exposed parts, and there are gate stops at each end to stop the gate from overrunning.

  1. Space-saving

Because electric sliding gates slide sideways along a fence line or boundary wall, they take up significantly less space than swing gates. This makes them suitable for small driveways as well as other areas where swing gates are unsuitable.

  1. Time-saving

Think about how long it takes to open gates manually. Now, think about how much time you’ll save by them opening for you. Electric sliding gates can open when they detect your vehicle, on a timer, or by remote control.

  1. Multiple styles

You can get electric sliding gates in classic styles like Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian, contemporary and solid styles. You can also get gates in aluminium, steel, composite and wood to suit any style and budget requirements.

  1. Increased privacy

If you want to make your home more private, wooden and composite electric sliding gates have solid panels that allow no prying eyes. You can get them in numerous styles and colours to match your fence and the style of your property.

  1. Greater convenience

Driving towards your gate and it automatically opening for you makes life easier. There’s nothing more annoying than having to get out of your car when the weather’s foul to open a gate, so why not automate the process with an electric gate?

  1. Adds value to your property

Homebuyers will pay a premium for houses with electric sliding gates for all the reasons outlined above. You’ll get back any investment you make in electric gates, making electric sliding gates a good long-term investment.

  1. Protect your car

Swing gates are notorious for damaging cars. If you drive in or out at the wrong angle, you can easily catch the front or back of your car as the gates swing open or closed. It’s a problem if your driveway is narrow or set at an awkward angle, and the damage can be costly to fix.

Electric sliding gates solve this problem. They won’t swing out towards your car as they slide open sideways, making it much less likely that you’ll catch your car on the edges of the gate. Sliding gates can potentially save you a lot of money.

  1. Increase the value of your home

Today’s homebuyers expect the very latest in technology and home security. Not only that, but they also want to live in a property that looks exclusive and has excellent kerb appeal. Electric sliding gates provide all these things and more.

In addition to their remote operation, ease of use and home security benefits, they look highly sophisticated because they slide rather than swing open. This gives a smoother motion and helps your property achieve a high-end appearance. This kerb appeal will be reflected in the value of your property.

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