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Latest News - The Benefits and Beauty of Wrought Iron Electric Gates

The Benefits and Beauty of Wrought Iron Electric Gates

Wrought iron gates are a timeless classic made even better with electrification. The splendour of wrought iron electric gates opening automatically and by remote control creates a real sense of occasion for any property.

Wrought iron has been used for centuries to make gates because it’s solid, strong and weighty. Ornamental ironwork also creates a sense of grandeur, helping set the character and feel of a property.

If you’re interested in wrought iron electric gates, this article will explore the benefits of them, so you can decide whether they’re right for you.

Excellent security

Wrought iron electric gates have reinforced hinges and automatic locking mechanisms that provide superior security to regular gates. Of course, you also get the strength of the iron, which is significantly stronger than aluminium and wood.

If security is an important consideration for your home, wrought iron electric gates are the best choice. Nothing else comes close.

Suitable for most driveways

Wrought iron electric gates are suitable for most driveways and roads that have space for the gates to swing open inward.

We use underground motors or hydraulic rams for swing wrought iron electric gates, while for cantilever iron gates, we use a sliding gate motor. The gates are hangable at various angles, making them suited to elevation.

Ornamental ironwork

Ornamental ironwork is a key feature of wrought iron gates. Styles tend to be split into periods like Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Contemporary gates also exist with clean lines and simplistic patterns with minimal detail.

Wrought iron gates can also be made to order with customised initials and patterns, but these gates are significantly more expensive.

A lifetime of use

Wrought iron electric gates last a lifetime. The iron won’t corrode to any significant degree so long as the coating is protected, and the only major replaceable part is the electric motor, which can be replaced after it reaches the end of its life.

Overall, a good system will last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Yearly maintenance is recommended to ensure your gates work properly.

Easy to maintain

Wrought iron electric gate maintenance involves checking the system, force testing, checking the alignment of hinges, inspecting gate condition, lubricating all moving parts, checking automation settings and testing keys, key fobs, intercoms and access systems.

We offer maintenance as part of our installation service to ensure your wrought iron electric gates continue to work as intended.

Makes life easier

If you intend to get wrought iron gates, the weight and heft of the iron may make regular gates unsuitable for your lifestyle. Automatic gates are much easier to live with because they open and close for you automatically.

We can set up your wrought iron gates to open when you approach them, open by remote, and open on a timer to suit your lifestyle.

High-quality manufacturing

Our wrought iron gates are made in-house by expert ironworkers. All our wrought iron gates come with a four-year warranty on the iron, the electric motor and parts, providing a comprehensive quality guarantee.

We make wrought iron gates for homeowners, business owners and landowners, providing a full design and installation service.

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