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Latest News - The advantages of electric sliding gates

The advantages of electric sliding gates

Electric sliding gates are an alternative to swing gates when opening angles make the installation of swing gates difficult.

Sliding gates trade vertical space for horizontal space, requiring some side room to open (minimised with telescopic gates).

The way electric sliding gates work is simple – they have an electric motor that opens a sliding gate panel. The panel can be on a cantilever system, or it can have wheels and run on a track on the ground, pulled by a gear system.

There are loads of advantages to sliding electric gates. These include advantages over electric swing gates and manual gates. In this article, we’ll look at these advantages so you can decide if electric swing gates are right for you.

  1. Maximise driveway space

Electric sliding gates take up very little space compared to swing gates. They slide open, giving you full use of your driveway.

This space-saving design makes electric sliding gates the best choice for small spaces. Park up, and your gate will close behind you. Easy.

  1. Suitable for most spaces

Sliding electric gates need side room to open (the gate has to go somewhere). The room you need is the length of the gate itself plus a little extra.

Thankfully, there is a compact solution – sliding gates with panels that stack one in front of the other. These are known as telescopic gates.

  1. Suitable for most budgets

Although electric sliding gates are more expensive than regular gates, there are products that cater for most budgets.

The cheapest sliding electric gates have wheels that run on a track on the ground. A motor with a gear wheel moves the gate.

If you don’t want a track on the ground, you want a cantilever sliding gate. However, these are significantly more expensive and require more space.

  1. Set a timer

Want your electric sliding gate to already be open when you return from work? No problem – just set a timer and forget about it.

Timers are most useful at night-time because they ensure you don’t leave your gate open by mistake. This increases security.

  1. Remote operation

Electric sliding gates operate by remote control. All you need to do is press ‘open’ on your remote, and the gate will open for you.

Some electric gates will close automatically after a few seconds, while others require you to close them using your remote control.

What happens if you forget the remote? Your gate will have a keypad.

  1. Automated entry and exit

You can get sliding electric gates that automatically open when they sense your vehicle, so you don’t need to use a remote.

A ground loop is the main system used for exit purposes. A ground loop is installed beneath the driveway surface. It detects the presence of your vehicle above it.

Another system used for automatic exit is infrared sensors. These open the gate when your vehicle is detected moving towards the gate.

These systems can be configured to not open during certain hours, and we can also adjust the sensitivity, so a person, dog or cat won’t trigger the gate.

  1. Increase home security

Speaking of security, the engineering that goes into electric sliding gates is robust. Breaking through them requires significant effort.

We install composite sliding gates. Composite (also known as GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic) is extremely tough and strong. We use stainless steel parts, heavy-duty fixings and locks and running gear rated to British Standards.

  1. Clean aesthetics

Sliding gates are cleaner looking than swing gates. They open sideways, there are no hinges, and the gate only moves to one side.

We sell sliding gates in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can match your gate to the colour of your house or choose something else.


Your driveway space may force the decision to get sliding electric gates. Sometimes, they are the only option.

When you choose between these and electric swing gates, your decision will come down to what you prefer the look of. Sliding gates are cleaner looking than swing gates, but whether this means they are better is a matter of taste.



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