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Latest News - The Advantages of Bespoke Driveway Gates

The Advantages of Bespoke Driveway Gates

Are you putting the finishing touches onto your home? If so, your house will not be complete without a custom-made driveway gate, as it will fulfil a variety of requirements you may have, such as privacy, security and kerb appeal. 



Bespoke gates can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, which is useful for unique driveways. No matter whether your driveway is particularly wide, or awkwardly small, a bespoke gate is designed to fit the space perfectly. This also means there won’t be any gaps between the gate and the fence, which increases security and aesthetic appeal. When creating a bespoke gate, the contractor visits the site to make an assessment and take careful measurements, before building a gate that will suit the unique shape of your driveway.



Unlike when you buy a basic, mass-produced gate, a bespoke gate can have some personality. You can choose shapes, colours, and materials that suit your tastes, and the gate will be entirely unique; no one else will have the same one. For a traditional, historical home, you could pick an ornate iron gate, or for a modern house a subtle, wooden gate may be the best choice. Having a driveway gate that matches the design of your home will increase kerb appeal as well, which makes the house more attractive to potential buyers. 


Make it electric

One of the main benefits of a bespoke driveway gate is that you can make it into an electric gate. Electric driveway gates are incredibly convenient, as you can open them from the comfort of your car, with a remote control, card reader, keypad or even a motion sensor. They are particularly useful if you have mobility issues or are unable to easily operate a manual gate. Another perk is that they increase security for your property, because anyone trying to enter has to have your authorisation, this will deter potential intruders from trying to get in. 


Fits your needs

With a bespoke gate, you can create exactly what you need, a gate that fits your requirements perfectly. So for example, if you are worried about intruders, you can request that the gate is tall, made of hardy materials, and maybe even electric. You may be concerned about privacy if you live in a busy, crowded neighbourhood, so a tall gate with no gaps will make you feel more secluded. Or if you have pets and need to keep them from escaping, then the gate can be designed to fit the driveway so snugly that there are no spaces. For people who have a small property, they can choose a sliding gate to ensure that when it opens the gate doesn’t take up too much space. If instead you wish to create a dramatic entranceway for a large driveway, then a swinging gate could be the way to go. 


Total Quality Security is a leading automated gate manufacturer in Yorkshire. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and offer a 4-year guarantee on all of our products. We produce high-quality solutions for customers across all of Wakefield, Castleford and the surrounding areas. So to invest in a bespoke electric driveway gate, contact us today



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