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Latest News - The advantages of aluminium electric driveway gates

The advantages of aluminium electric driveway gates

Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth’s crust, and also the most useful metallic element.

Aluminium cannot rust, and it is lightweight (the density is one-third of steel), strong, non-magnetic and easy to machine and cast. These qualities make it perfect for electric driveway gates that are low-maintenance and built to last.

Why is aluminium perfect for automatic gates?

Aluminium is perfect for automatic gates because it is lighter than steel or iron, with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most alloys.

These physical qualities mean we can use smaller, lighter electric motors and pulley systems and install them in more locations.

The workability of aluminium also means we can machine, cast, weld, bond, rivet and bolt aluminium gates together in an unlimited range of styles.

What are the advantages of aluminium electric gates?

Aluminium doesn’t rust, and providing it has a suitable coating, it doesn’t corrode. The aluminium oxide coating renews itself when damaged, and atmospheric corrosion is not an issue for gates with a factory finish.

Because they don’t rust, aluminium electric gates last a long time — you can expect over ten years from them. Our aluminium gates come with a four-year guarantee covering the materials and electric motors.

Another big advantage of aluminium gates is security. Aluminium is a strong but pliable material, so it doesn’t snap when stressed (such as when it is rammed). It deforms instead, bending and moulding to the shape of the impact.

In comparison, wood twists, splits and snaps, and composites break and fracture. The only material stronger than aluminium for gates is cast iron. Overall, you will have fewer problems with aluminium electric gates than any other electric gates.

Bespoke sizes and an extensive range

Aluminium electric driveway gates are available in standard and bespoke sizes, so they are available in any size to suit your driveway.

The most popular types are double swing gates and sliding gates; double swing gates give your property a dramatic entrance while sliding gates save space outwards but need space along a fence line or boundary wall.

Like all electric gates, our aluminium gates are offered with remote operation, automated entry and exit, and keypad/intercom security systems. These features will make your gates easy to live with and make access to your property simple.

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