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Latest News - Swing Gates vs Sliding Gates: Which one should I choose?

Swing Gates vs Sliding Gates: Which one should I choose?

Homes and businesses across the world benefit from the enhanced security that gates bring. Not only do they deter intruders and effectively control access in and out of your premises, you can choose a material and style to create a truly bespoke addition to your grounds. 

Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to choose between swing and sliding gates. But, what are the benefits of each? And which is best suited to your premises? In this article, we explore both options to help you make a decision. 


What are sliding gates 

Running on a track or trackless system, sliding gates open and close by sliding from side to side, and are essentially “tucked away” when open. They can be installed on all types of property, including domestic homes, industrial sites, and commercial premises. Sliding gates can be easily automated. 


The benefits of sliding gates 

  • A wide swinging mechanism may not be ideal if you’re short on space, whether due to the size and design of your driveway or other obstacles e.g. trees, bushes. That’s where sliding gates can be a godsend, allowing you to enjoy the elegance and security of a gate while not requiring a wide arc’s worth of space to open. 


  • If your property is on a slope, sliding gates may last longer than swing gates. That is because swing gates have to bear their own load on a slope every time they open, and also in windy conditions – potentially wearing them out faster. Sliding gates will bypass this issue, due to their compact side-to-side opening mechanism. 


  • Like all gates, sliding gates offer durability, strength and security to any property – along with an elegant touch for a household, thanks to a variety of customisable designs on offer.  


What are swing gates? 

Swinging out in a wide arc to open and close, swing gates are the most traditional type of gate, found everywhere from home driveways to industrial premises. They are secured with traditional latches or by electronic means, such as a keypad or remote opener. 


The benefits of swing gates

  • Thanks to their more straightforward construction, they generally cost less than sliding gates, though this largely depends on the size, style, and material of the gate in question.  


  • They are noted for a smooth, quiet opening. This is desirable, especially if you live in a residential area.


  • Commonly, swing gates require less maintenance than their slide gate counterparts, though this is dependent on other factors too, such as selected material type. Generally, as they are constructed from fewer moving parts, any repair jobs tend to be more straightforward. 


  • All gates are durable, strong options that enhance the security and beauty of any property. 

Looking for bespoke gates for your home or business? Here at Total Quality Security, we provide high-strength security gates for your premises, crafting unique products in a range of materials and styles – including slide and swing gates. We serve the areas of Huddersfield, Leeds and beyond. To discuss your needs further, please get in touch with our friendly experts.



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