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Latest News - How To Protect The Security Of Your Home

How To Protect The Security Of Your Home

For many people, protecting your home from unwanted intruders is a major source of stress, as burglaries reports have been increasing over the past few years. It’s important that any entrances to your property are secure, as they are your first line of defence against theft. Security gates for your home are a worthwhile investment, as they may well prevent your home from having thousands of pounds worth of items stolen. In this article we will examine the best ways to protect the security of your home, as these tips could prevent you becoming a victim of crime.


Alarm system

Having an alarm system in your home can alert you when your home is being broken into whilst it is happening. Not only are they startling to thieves, they can also act as a visual deterrent. Burglar alarms are usually placed in doorways or windows, anywhere someone may gain entry to your home.


Security lights

Choosing to install outdoor lighting is a simple but effective deterrent for thieves in the dark hours, as the lights are triggered by movement, so anybody moving in the surrounding area of your house will trigger the lights and be deterred away. You can use low wattage lighting in key areas to save energy for a cost effective way to secure your home.



Gates come in a variety of different styles and offer numerous benefits. Not only do they increase the value of your property on the housing market, but they drastically enhance the safety of your home and family. We recommend the following gates for these following reasons:

  • Electronic gates can integrate into a fully comprehensive security system, as they have the ability to connect to other security systems like CCTV and intruder detection systems. These gates become the first line of defence against intruders as they have to somehow climb over them without being discovered by other security systems or residents of the property.

  • Depending on the severity of risk and how many people will need access daily, this will depend on what type of gate would be most suitable for your property. If you’re running a commercial property where many workers will need access, but defence against intruders is essential, we recommend a sliding gate and a pedestrian entrance to make it easier for authorised employees to enter and leave. A sliding gate will make it almost impossible for people to scale it and climb over, so it won’t leave you vulnerable to theft.

  • Iron wrought gates are a durable, long lasting option that have an unbreakable strength, whilst allowing you to see the other side of the gate. This gate is a great choice for a private property, as they don’t compromise on style and don’t give the same, obtrusive look other gates do. The open design allows for the focus to be diverted from the gate itself and remain on the beautiful property that lies behind it. So if you’re worried about the effect a gate will have on its scenery, then the iron wrought gate may be the perfect option for you.

wrought iron swing gate


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