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Latest News - Do electric gates add value to a property?

Do electric gates add value to a property?

Electric gates are proving to be a consistently popular upgrade option for larger properties. After all, what better way to make an impressive entrance than with a sleek, modern and state-of-the-art electric gate?

One of the key factors influencing the decision of how to invest money into your property is the matter of adding value. There are many ways that this can be achieved – from extensions to changing the carpets – and it represents a great, sensible way to invest your money. Adding value essentially means that, should you sell your property later down the line, there is a higher likelihood that you will receive more for it than what you initially spent on it. One option that you may have been considering is the addition of electric gates to your property. Electric gates are installed at the entrance to a driveway, and can be opened by the property owner (either with a remote or a pin code) when they are entering the premises.

But, do these automatic gates add value to a property?

The short answer is, yes. Electric gates are a popular extra option amongst prospective buyers for a number of reasons.

From a buyer’s perspective, these gates benefit a property in a wide variety of ways. These include the following:
● Security – these large gates are pretty imposing, and are likely to deter any potential thieves. These large gates also boast their own high tech security measures, which make it far more difficult to break into a property.
● Privacy – no more nosy neighbours. These high gates make it far less easy for people to peek down the driveway and see the front of your house, or spy into your windows. They also leave the front of your house far less exposed to the public pathways.
● Impressive – they give visitors a fantastic first impression of the property. We can all admit that there’s a definite luxury about entering your property via a swish electric gate.
● Yet still easy to manage – alongside all these user benefits, electric gates are also a highly user-friendly option. For the new owners of a property, these gates are very easy to manage and take care of. At TQ Security, our state-of-the-art electric gates are of the highest quality. This means that, once you’ve placed your initial investment, these gates will last in top condition, and hold their value for years and years to come.

Home improvement can be undertaken in a wide variety of ways, and it’s certainly something that is worth spending a bit of time thinking about. Taking a bit of time to speculate how you can best spend your hard earned money to improve your property (and see a return on your investment) is the best way to ensure that you have considered all bases, and make the wisest financial decision.

TQ Security proudly supply the following types of Electric Gates:

* Composite Board Sliding Gates
* Composite Board Swing Gates
* Wrought Iron Sliding Gates
* Wrought Iron Swing Gates
* Aluminium Gates



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