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Latest News - Composite Board Vs. Iron Gates: What’s the Difference?

Composite Board Vs. Iron Gates: What’s the Difference?

Keeping your premises safe and secure is simple when you know-how. A high-quality gate provides a vital level of security to your premises that bring peace of mind and total control over the comings and goings of your site. 

This may leave you wondering: is composite board or iron better for a gate? In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between these two materials, and guide you through the pros and cons of both.



What are composite board gates? 

Composite boards are created from a mixture of wood fibres, binding agents and plastics – giving them the appearance of wood but without the susceptibility to disease and pests, or the need for maintenance. Perfect for composite driveway gates.


Pros of composite board gates

  • Natural look: Composite has long been a popular material with households and businesses across the country, thanks to its warm, welcoming look that mimics the appearance and feel of wood – without the splinters! Its timeless style makes it suited for both traditional and contemporary buildings, and its availability in a wide range of colours makes it easy to complement your home.
  • Requires almost no maintenance: By far, the biggest advantage of composite boards is that they need very little maintenance. Although it boasts the natural beauty and texture of wood, its unique composition means it does not fall victim to the same issues as its wooden counterpart, namely rot, termites or warping. Instead, composite boards remain free of these issues, and without the need for treatment, sealing or painting – saving you time and money.
  • Durable: The composition of wood and plastic together gives composite boards a high strength and durability that is perfect for application in security gates that rely on this strength. This trait also grants composite board gates a much longer lifespan than straightforward wooden boards.
  • Privacy: With no gaps or railings, composite boards are ideal for customers who want total privacy from prying eyes. 


Cons of composite board gates

  • Price: Composite boards tend to cost slightly more than standard wooden boards, but the money saved on treatment and repainting makes composite boards a worthwhile long-term investment that requires no additional maintenance payouts in the future.


What are wrought iron gates? 

Graceful yet imposing, wrought iron gates are a long-established choice for many homes and businesses. Crafted from high-strength iron, yet treated to decorative touches that enhance the look of any site, they are an ever-popular choice. 

Pros of wrought iron gates

  • Elegance: Adding a touch of elegant beauty to your property with wrought iron gates, iron is a stylish choice that can impress visitors and buyers, whilst warding off potential thieves at the same time. Designs can range from simple railings to grander options. 
  • Highly resilient: Metal is widely used for its strength, and iron is no exception. Not only does this give iron gates desirable security properties, but it also means that they can last for years to come. 
  • Hardy to the elements: Unlike wood which requires treatment and upkeep to protect it from the elements, wrought iron gates are not subject to warp, rot or termites. The only thing to consider is protecting it from rust. 


Cons of wrought iron gates

  • Rusting: It’s important to keep an eye on developing rust spots on an iron fence, and their emergence can be exacerbated if located in damp or humid climates. Ensure you repaint your fence regularly to cover up any scratches or chips. 
  • Heavy: It’s the high strength of metal that makes iron gates useful for protecting a property, however, this can make them heavy to handle. Luckily, our team can easily automate your gates to make them an easy-open choice for your premises. 



Both iron and composite boards are beautiful, high-strength options that, like anything, require a little TLC to keep them at optimal performance. As they are on a fairly level playing field to each other, the final decision really comes down to your personal preference.

Searching for tailor-made security gates for your premises? Look no further than Total Quality Security – we put your needs first, and have been helping customers protect their premises for over 20 years. Manufactured in-house, we have crafted a wide range of composite board electric gates and wrought iron electric gates for domestic and commercial customers alike. To discuss your needs with our team of professionals, please contact us today.



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