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Wrought Iron Gates

What is wrought iron, and why is it good for sliding gates?

Melissa Roberts - 21st April 2022

Wrought iron gates were originally designed to keep intruders out by preventing forced entry. The only way an intruder can get through wrought iron gates is with a battering ram and significant force or by removing the gate hinges. Wrought iron is extremely tough and resilient, so much so that wrought iron railings and gates made hundreds of years ago are still operational. For electric sliding gates, wrought iron is ideal because it is dense and strong, providing excellent strength across the gates; most sliding gates have one panel, so they require a strong and resistant material to ramming. What is…

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aluminium gates

The advantages of aluminium electric driveway gates

Melissa Roberts -

Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth’s crust, and also the most useful metallic element. Aluminium cannot rust, and it is lightweight (the density is one-third of steel), strong, non-magnetic and easy to machine and cast. These qualities make it perfect for electric driveway gates that are low-maintenance and built to last. Why is aluminium perfect for automatic gates? Aluminium is perfect for automatic gates because it is lighter than steel or iron, with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most alloys. These physical qualities mean we can use smaller, lighter electric motors and pulley systems and install them in more…

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What Are the Advantages of Electric Sliding Gates?

Melissa Roberts - 27th August 2021

Electric sliding gates make life easier by automating opening and closing, a simple feature that most people will happily pay a premium for. There are plenty more advantages of electric sliding gates, which we’ll explore in this article to help you decide whether to invest in some. Increased security Electric sliding gates increase security in a few ways. Firstly, they close and lock automatically, eliminating the possibility of leaving your gates open and unlocked. Secondly, they sit on reinforced hinges that resist lots of force. Safety built-in Our electric sliding gates have rubber safety edges or intelligent drive units that make…

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The Benefits and Beauty of Wrought Iron Electric Gates

Melissa Roberts -

Wrought iron gates are a timeless classic made even better with electrification. The splendour of wrought iron electric gates opening automatically and by remote control creates a real sense of occasion for any property. Wrought iron has been used for centuries to make gates because it’s solid, strong and weighty. Ornamental ironwork also creates a sense of grandeur, helping set the character and feel of a property. If you’re interested in wrought iron electric gates, this article will explore the benefits of them, so you can decide whether they’re right for you. Excellent security Wrought iron electric gates have reinforced hinges…

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The advantages of electric sliding gates

Melissa Roberts - 7th July 2021

Electric sliding gates are an alternative to swing gates when opening angles make the installation of swing gates difficult. Sliding gates trade vertical space for horizontal space, requiring some side room to open (minimised with telescopic gates). The way electric sliding gates work is simple – they have an electric motor that opens a sliding gate panel. The panel can be on a cantilever system, or it can have wheels and run on a track on the ground, pulled by a gear system. There are loads of advantages to sliding electric gates. These include advantages over electric swing gates and manual…

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gate safety

Ensuring Gate Safety

joefisher - 25th January 2021

If you are looking to install a new set of electronic gates on your property, one of the first points of consideration will certainly be its safety. This key question to ask yourself will not only include the level of safety that gates will bring to your property, but it should also cover their installation, too. Electronic gates are a fantastic way to improve the safety of your home. This is because, thanks to their size and sturdiness, they are a highly effective method of deterring potential intruders. The use of electronics to open and close the gates also make it…

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